Presenting Krisha Ray!

Age 23
Representing OREGON USA

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About Me

I eat tons of pasta, cheese, and Oreos. I love cooking and cleaning. I don't exercise. I ride quads, drive big rigs, clean in heels, and I am related to Chief Joseph.

Our Thoughts

Krisha was created for artistic nudes. With her chiseled face, sloping breasts, and toned stomach, Krisha looks like a Greek statue come alive. Not only is she gorgeous, but she also has the greatest attitude - always smiling and making everyone around her laugh. Five minutes after meeting Krisha you are likely to feel like you have known her your entire life. She is the ultimate girl next door in the body of a graceful goddess. Krisha shared with us her idea for nude modeling: Escaping a dirty infested jail full of men pursuing you (naked). Dirt smudges on the girl and security guards end up in pursuit as well ending with the girl climbing under some dirty fence. Sounds like a great idea for our next shoot, anyone want to volunteer for the guard job?

PHOTOSET Krisha Ray Art Nudes and My Tats
PHOTOSET Krisha Ray Asian Ink
PHOTOSET Krisha Ray Flashing My Ink

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Krisha Ray in  - Play Video!
Krisha Ray in  - Play Video!
Krisha Ray in  - Play Video!

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